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Nigel Cowburn
Landscape Architect | Landscape Design
Phone: 027 214 7791 | Growplan Blog

Lifestyle blocks offer country living in an area that is likely more densely populated than a farming area. This necessitates making best use of the land and minimising visual and acoustic disruption (to and from neighbours).

With new builds include me with your architect and builder. I can identify and integrate valuable existing features into your plans and assist with service placement (sewage, fresh water, power/phone, net & wireless). Access, parking and shelter also need early consideration.

General lifestyle block considerations:
  • Home landscape, patio and entertaining areas
  • Road frontage, driveway and parking
  • Shelter and tree planting
  • Orchard, vegetable garden, pet areas
  • Integration of home business or B&B with rest of property e.g.
  • Activity and recreation e.g. childrens play area, bmx, motocross, equestrian
  • Minimise maintenance through design
  • Screening out sheds, outbuildings, yards or unwanted views on neighbouring properties
  • Acoustic design (rough, irregular surfaces such as plants, rocks and rough ground disrupt sound)
alpine garden courtyard: native beech hedges and schist walls a boardwalk passes between a created waterfall and large artificial tarn, leading the eye to distant mountains
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